1 WORD that can change your life!

Do you set goals for the New Year? Do you achieve them? OUCH.

I set goals every year (17 last year because I incorporate all 7 vital areas of my life – faith, fitness, family, friends, finances, firm and fun). But, having just evaluated my goals for 2014 I found that I hit some part way, fully reached other and missed some too.

The reality is that 50% of people fail on their yearly goals by the end of January and also 90% fail during the year.

So why is this? Well, I believe that many including me try to do too much and often too fast. So this year I am focusing on 1 WORD. That’s it. Oh, I’ll still have goals but I will focus on that 1 WORD.

In this video I’m going to sharing my 1 WORD challenge with you and I would like to invite you to write in your word in the comments area below.

Then, in the days to come I will give you more tools on how to live out that 1 WORD here in my blog.

Let’s see if we can see measurable and meaningful life change this year by focusing on that 1 attribute we would like to best reflect our lives this next year.

So, what is YOUR 1 WORD?