I am a speaker, author and executive leadership coach. My focus is on personal leadership effectiveness (self-government) being convinced that our leadership of others is greatly dependent on our ability to lead (govern) ourselves. This is a lost art and I am committed to champion this.

Practically I help leaders live exceptional personal and professional lives by coaching them in personal and interpersonal skills like gaining balance in life, resolving conflicts, dealing with stress, maximizing relationships, focusing on the important issues of life, building strong teams.

I serve as the Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Future Achievement International which began in 1996. FAI focuses on building core content and other intellectual properties (popularized in one of my books, Achieving Authentic Success) and provides a full service solution suite built on the assumption that “Character Driven Cultures have a Competitive Advantage.” We have been helping to champion character cultures in over 50 countries of the world with a focus on corporate and professional America. I chair a non-profit organization called High/Ground and serve on various other boards.

I have written 24 books, spoken in hundreds of conventions and leadership events internationally and coached many senior level executives and professionals. I served as a President of Graduates schools beginning at age 29 building campuses on three continents prior to moving to San Diego in 1987.


I’m mostly fascinated with personal leadership effectiveness. I love helping leaders make their lives work. I love BIG IDEAS! I get excited about new technologies and how these can be used for good and to help us become more efficient and more effective. I’m enjoy sports (especially tennis) and musci. I’m most passionate about my wife Mary and my two kids Matt (a professor in the Great Books program at BIOLA University) and my daughter Molly (a professional singer-songwriter). Oh, I really enjoy our two dogs – Joey and Ollie (I’m a real dog person).

My Website/Blog

My website is blog based because life is changing so much, I am gaining insights everyday and I like to help people grow. So, you’ll notice that my categories reflect my obvious interests but all related to personal leadership effectiveness – that is my niche. I’ll communicate via writing, audio, video, pictures routinely. Snoop around the categories and see if this is helpful. If it is let me know and pass it on. My core categories are:

  • personal leadership (this is all about building those fundamental skills to manage yourself. I believe good leadership is based on self-leadership)
  • authentic leadership (this category focuses on leadership concepts, trends, skills, techniques based on principle centered leadership that is timeless, cutting edge and practical)
  • character (this is all about living from the inside out and being character driven)
  • lifecoaching (this is all about tools and information on why and how to coach, disciple, mentor, encourage others. we all need to do this at home, work, community, church, etc.)
  • lifebalance (this deals with worklife balance and how to build healthy integration in your life in all vital areas of life (fitness, family, friends, finances, firm, fun, faith)
  • goodtec (this is all about new technologies that I am learning and how these can and/or are being use for good)
  • soulfull (this is all about cultivating and filling your soul – your inner spiritual life – your core)
  • transformation (this is where we explore why and how personal and organizational transformation happens and where we communicate stories and resources to stimulate positive transformation at a personal and professional, individual and institutional level)
  • other stuff (this category reflects my interest in multiple areas – philosophy, politics, culture, life, overall trends, etc.).