Maximizing the Seasons of Your Life

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi guys! Ron here on a beautiful fall morning at Laguna mountain. We’re here at the lodge. My wife and I came up here just to follow the colors. Something we absolutely love to do. We’ve spent time over the years chasing the colors in Europe and particularly up in the northeast. We spent a season living in Philadelphia and would go up in the Poconos and then to the Rockies and now San Diego. The only thing we miss is the lack of the colors. But here we found them and we love them here this time of year, late October up on Laguna mountain.

Choosing The Right Leader

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi! Ron here from beautiful Palm Desert, California. I’m out here staying at a friend’s home in a beautiful location, and I’ve had some great meetings this week with a group called CONVENE, which is an outstanding organization that services Christian business leaders around the world. I’m getting ready to go to a wonderful time with my daughter at Stagecoach, a country music festival which follows Coachella. Molly sings in a group called the Sam Outlaw Band. She’s the female vocalist and Sam’s the lead guy vocalist and they’ve just finished a tour of Europe. They’re going to have a great time singing here. In fact, Carrie Underwood is singing later tonight and I’m looking forward to hearing her as well.

The Secret to Turning Your Life into a Living Masterpiece

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi friends! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in late May, in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I’m sitting here at a little outdoor restaurant for a few moments. You’ll see over my head this beautiful dome. This is the tower that’s part of the Duomo in the center, the heart of Florence. And as I’m sitting here, I’m about to say you know Florence is a beautiful City and it was really the heart, In fact this area I’m in right now is really the heart and beginning of the Renaissance.

The Keys to Communicating Heart to Heart

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi guys. Ron today from beautiful Rome, Italy. It’s late spring. It’s a gorgeous day. My wife and another couple are touring around Italy over the next few weeks.

And last night we serendipitously stepped out and went to a scaled-down performance of an opera called The Barber of Seville that was held in a beautiful Cathedral not far from where I am right now. What grabbed my attention about this is it was all in Italian and I didn’t understand a word of what was said. Neither did my wife. But the cast communicated. They communicated heart to heart, soul to soul to us. Just a handful of exquisite singers and about six musicians in the orchestra played in this beautiful venue. I didn’t know the language but yet we had communication take place. I wanted to use this as an example of helping you understand the concept of communications.

Stop and Smell the Roses – REALLY NOW!

Do you stop and smell the roses? REALLY?

Look, life is so busy, so crowded, so overwhelming that you just need to stop and stop often (even if it is for a few minutes every day) and smell the roses.

Here’s some thoughts ….

  • take the a short walk in the woods or around the block
  • notice a child laugh
  • utter a prayer
  • meditate on some great truth
  • really listen to someone
  • have a good belly laugh
  • smell a rose really
  • look around and enjoy the beauty of creation.

This video blog is my experience as my wife, Mary and I walked through the beautiful Gorky Park in Moscow during Fall, 2012.

Tell me what you do to smell the roses in your life.