The Secret to Turning Your Life into a Living Masterpiece

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi friends! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in late May, in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I’m sitting here at a little outdoor restaurant for a few moments. You’ll see over my head this beautiful dome. This is the tower that’s part of the Duomo in the center, the heart of Florence. And as I’m sitting here, I’m about to say you know Florence is a beautiful City and it was really the heart, In fact this area I’m in right now is really the heart and beginning of the Renaissance.

How to Maximize the Past, Future and Present

By Dr. Ron Jenson


Hi guys! Ron today from the Piazza Novana. You can see this beautiful statue here in the fountain in the middle of one of the most active piazzas in Rome, Italy. You can hear the music in the background, and see people bustling about. I want to use this setting as an opportunity to talk about three things: the past, the future, and the present, in that order. And I want to give you a special word about each one.

How do you Handle Conflict – flight or fight?

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When was the last time you experienced a conflict?

Well, “never” as one of my friends said recently. My response was, “check your pulse pal.”

Conflict is a fact and you know what, it isn’t a bad thing. It’s not. It’s simply a reality. Conflict just means that there are tensions, disagreements, varying viewpoints.

Done of these are wrong. The problem comes when we respond to conflict inappropriately.

And inappropriate responses tend to be either flight (running away from conflict) or fight (getting offensive in handling conflict). Neither works and neither is constructive.

Instead try this – speak the truth with respect.

You see if you speak the truth you won’t run away from or try to deny or bury conflict. And, if you treat the person with respect you won’t be offensive, uncaring and harmful.

This is a simple thing to say but a hard thing to do. So, get to work and begin to build a habit here. Every day for the next two weeks concentrate on handling conflict with openness, honesty, kindness, respect and grace.

And tell us how it goes.

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Discover your purpose through your PEGS

Are you maximizing your life and impact?  One of the best ways to get there is to be sure you are the right kind of PEG in the right hole. In other words, find your uniquenesses and be sure they are targeted in the right profession and other areas of engagement.

Over my years of coaching I’ve found it helpful for people to identify theirs PEGS. In this audio I explain these briefly as I discuss these with my friend Alex.

Listen and see if you can understand the dynamics of PEGS.

  • Passions
  • Expertise
  • Gifts
  • Styles

And by the way, notice how cool it is to use this technology Audioboo and a my iPhone 4 for a simple picture to record, upload and coach on the spot.