The Keys to Communicating Heart to Heart

By Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi guys. Ron today from beautiful Rome, Italy. It’s late spring. It’s a gorgeous day. My wife and another couple are touring around Italy over the next few weeks.

And last night we serendipitously stepped out and went to a scaled-down performance of an opera called The Barber of Seville that was held in a beautiful Cathedral not far from where I am right now. What grabbed my attention about this is it was all in Italian and I didn’t understand a word of what was said. Neither did my wife. But the cast communicated. They communicated heart to heart, soul to soul to us. Just a handful of exquisite singers and about six musicians in the orchestra played in this beautiful venue. I didn’t know the language but yet we had communication take place. I wanted to use this as an example of helping you understand the concept of communications.

Step 11 – Deal with Conflict Personally

By Dr. Ron Jenson


Have you ever been in a situation where you were called out publicly, or someone reprimanded you, confronted you publicly? Maybe in a large group? Or in your organization in front of maybe two or three other people? It’s incredibly embarrassing and shaming. I don’t believe that ought to be the norm at all.

Step 10 – Seek and Grant Forgiveness

By Dr. Ron Jenson


Have you ever had a broken relationship that just wouldn’t heal? Maybe it was a father or a parent who hurt you? Or didn’t pay attention to you growing up? Or maybe it was a conflict in a marriage relationship? Or with children or coworkers? And then it never got resolved and over time, feelings started to harden?