Embrace Problems

I get it.  When problems start coming at you right and left, non-stop, your knee-jerk reaction is to RUN AWAY!

What if the real solution was to stop, turn and give your problems a bear hug…Crazy, huh?


Let’s take a look…

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2 thoughts on “Embrace Problems

  1. I been praying when i face a problem for wisdom and direction. Lately i do t know how to embrace with the relationship with an adolences(my husbands teen) full of anger and constantly bringing comfrontations with my husband that will react quickly to his anger. Its been difficult for me to deal with this situation but embracing it seeking for the Lord.

    • Good for you for working on this Iliana. Relationships are difficult. I want to encourage you to keep seeking the Lord and focusing on what you can do — be kind, honest, loving, gracious, listen, pray, and trust God to change hearts. Let me know how things are going and any more specifics I can help you address.