How to live in the light of what is REALLY IMPORTANT to you.

Are you focusing on what is really important to YOU?

It’s easy to get off course here. One CEO said it this way – “life is all about juggling balls…. the key is to know the difference between the rubber balls and the crystal balls. The rubber balls will bounce; the crystal balls will break.”

So what are the crystal balls in your life? For me it is faith, family, friends and fitness overall. I spoke to a two large business conventions in Russia in the past couple of weeks and talked these 20,000 leaders about how to work on life balance and gave them this exercise.

I used this video of pictures to show them how I did this exercise myself.

These are the core priority areas of my life – faith, fitness, family, friends, finances, firm (work/professional) and fun (re-creation). I’ve sought to take these in this order and show snapshops of my life that reflect these.

Take pictures or find some that best describe what is most important to you. Then, think about these areas, set long term goals and then weekly proactively build activities and build them into your schedule.

Now develop your own pictures of those things important to you – your crystal balls. Then, comment below and upload your snapshots or movie (mine is a simple movie through iPhoto) to youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. and put in your URL below.

I’ll send a free ebook of mine on Life Balance to the best entry.