One Word that Will Change Your Life Forever

If you had just one word for this year that could change your life what would it be?

Take a minute and think about this. Watch the video and then write down that one word that you would like to most reflect your life this year. So far, we’ve had words like happy, bold, courageous, kind, engaged, hopeful, listening, disciplined, intentional to name just a few.

My friends from around the world are joining me in this adventure. I invite you to join us. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Identify the word and write it down.
  2. Go to my Facebook Fan Page and “like” it. Then join our discussion there around the One Word feed.
  3. Keep an eye for updates on my blog and Facebook page where we’ll share together insights on how to¬†maximize internalizing and utilizing our One Word this year in such a way that it DOES CHANGE OUR LIFE.

The journey begins.