6 Steps To Overcoming Stress

Have you ever had a bad day? Sure you have. We all do.

Dr. Jenson builds out the concept that life is difficult and filled with stress. AND that’s OK.
The key is how to handle these stresses.


Many times we become distressed (anger, hurt, worry, depression, etc.).

But, with the right perspective in 6 key areas we can turn everyday stresses into power, change and growth.

I teach 6 new technologies of right perspective here.


After going through Ron Jenson’s course, 6 Steps to Overcoming Stress, I find that I am more on task and less divided in my mind, my thoughts, and my heart. It is easier to focus when I don’t allow distress to rule my day. Thank you, Ron, for your encouraging teaching!L.N.
I truly enjoyed and was blessed with the “Six Steps to Overcoming stress.” and how Dr. JensOn presented it. He used several acrostics that helped to memorize the teachings and I personally used them several times during the sessions. Dr. Jenson is very gifted and displays a spirit of humility with his experience that allows the listener/viewer to totally relate…Thank you Dr. Ron.B. F.
The “Six Steps to Overcoming Stress” training by Dr. Ron Jenson enabled me to read, meditate and view any distress with a new spiritual lens. I have witnessed a healthier attitude towards communicating my emotions when challenged with a stressful circumstance. All of the topics were pivotal to create a positive aspect of handling Distress.B. S.



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