The Secret to Living in Harmony – from the Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow!

How is the harmony in your relationships – your family, colleagues, clients, others?

Well, most of us struggle with that.

My wife, Mary and I spent an incredible evening at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow hosted by a client who had us speaking at a large convention of about 12,000 business owners.

The night was magical, even though I’ve never been a ballet kind of guy.

The dancing was stunning, the artists impeccable, the venue supreme and the music breath taking.

It reminded me of George Bernard Shaws comment, “in the right key you can say anything; in the wrong key nothing. The only delicate part of life is establishing the key.”

So listening to the orchestra even while tuning up here’s what I learned. Take a look and see what you think.

  • You must listen to the people/instruments around you.
  • You need to constantly make adjustments.
  • It’s OK to get out of key but you need to quickly get back in.
  • You need to master your instrument – you listening and communication skills.
  • You need to submit to the maestro.
  • You need to practice, listen, adjust until you get in key and then work to stay in key.
  • We’re all different with differing gifts and abilities so celebrate your role and gifts and join the team in making beautiful music.

That’s my take on this. How about you?

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