Teamwork in a Downturn

A client of mine and a great company Pacific Dental Practices put out this piece in their weekly update. They practice this and it has some great insights.

What do you think.
Staubach stressed the importance of teamwork, particularly in tough times, with a story about how the Cowboys couldn’t win their first Super Bowl until the players learned to work together. The hall-of-famer relayed how during the 1971 season, former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, who was a tight end for the Cowboys at the time, talked to his teammates after they had lost several games. Ditka said he would play as hard as he could and would help his teammates as well, and he expected the other players to do the same. “Mike was a big guy, a scary guy at the time,” Staubach said.
After Ditka’s pep talk, the Cowboys won nine straight games, made it to the Super Bowl and beat the Miami Dolphins 24-3. “You have to work harder in a downturn,” Staubach said. “You need the ‘teabags’ in life — the people who can perform in hot water.”
Take a few minutes to discuss with your team the things that each of us can do better to help bring success our way.