Where does leadership begin?

Where does leadership begin? There are many theories and perspectives out there but it always begins at one place. And, that place is YOU!

If you can’t lead you and get manage, discipline and govern your life and all vital areas personally and professionally you will miss out on the kind of vitality of life and impact you can and should enjoy.

Good leadership is based on self-leadership! You must be able to leader yourself before you can lead others! Here are some thoughts on how to do this:

  1. Make your our self-leadership the priority in personal and professional world.
  2. Know yourself – study your strengths and weaknesses. Use personality and leadership styles, peer evaluations and character and behavior assessments especially to see where you are right now. This will give you a benchmark!
  3. Develop a life action plan! Think of this as a business plan for your life. Write out your life goals in these areas and make them measurable – faith, fitness, family, friends, fiances, firm (work), fun and favor (what you are giving back).
  4. Clarify those principles that are non-negotiable around which you want to build your life and live intentionally around these.
  5. Find a coach or mentor to help you stay on target!
  6. Keep learning, growing and don’t quit. Remember, this about life long progression, not perfection.

So try these strategies and give me your feedback. Hey, life is too short to miss this.