America's Life Coach


I am a speaker, author, and executive leadership coach. My focus is on personal leadership effectiveness(self-government) being convinced that our leadership of others is greatly dependent on our ability to lead (govern) ourselves. This is a lost art and I am committed to champion this.


Practically I help leaders live exceptional personal and professional lives by coaching them in personal and interpersonal skills like gaining balance in life, resolving conflicts, dealing with stress, maximizing relationships, focusing on the important issues of life, building strong teams.


I am the Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Future Achievement International which began in 1996. FAI focuses on building core content and other intellectual properties (popularized in one of my books, Achieving Authentic Success) and provides a full-service solution suite built on the assumption that “Character Driven Cultures have a Competitive Advantage.” We have been helping to champion character cultures in over 50 countries of the world with a focus on corporate and professional America. I Founded and Chair a non-profit called High Ground that focuses on expanding the inner spiritual and personal life, capacity and impact of leaders.


I have written 24 books, spoken in hundreds of conventions and leadership events internationally and coached many senior level executives and professionals. I served as the President of Graduate Schools of Leadership and Theology connected to CRU (Campus Crusade) beginning at the age of 29. We built campuses on 3 continents prior to moving to San Diego in 1987.

I’m mostly fascinated with personal leadership effectiveness. I love helping leaders make their lives work. I love BIG IDEAS! I get excited about new technologies and how these can be used for good and to help us become more efficient and more effective.