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I have trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world to be more impactful in their personal and professional lives. I do individual and group coaching on a selective basis. My core process is called the Life Symphony Experience because this 12 session process equips you how to make your life into one that has the beauty and power of a symphony.


Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “most people go to the grave with the music still in them.” I don’t want that to happen to you. If you’re interested in learning more click here.





Are you successful? Are you?


If you are married what would you spouse say? If you have children what would they say? What about your friends, your colleagues, your employees? What does your conscience say?

It depends on whom you are speaking to doesn’t it!


Well, I want you to live an authentically successful life. Most of my clients have already reached the peak or are on target to be the best in class in their profession. But, most of them also are challenged in areas like how to balance their life, how to build intimacy in their relationships with their family and friends, how to deepen their inner, spiritual life and how to leverage their multiple resources for lasting, positive impact.


That is why I set up this particular program. I want to help you not only maximize your authentic success but also leverage your significance and lasting legacy. I want that music to come out of you!


And to do this I need to coach you how to be an artisan of life and a craftsman at living.


That means that you learn those fundamental skills that help you discover your unique music (PEGS I call them – Passions, Expertise, Gifts and Styles) and hone your fundamental craftsman skills (the MAXIMIZERS principles) so that you build the capacity to focus intentionally on these roots and experience the fruit of maximum productivity, peace, intimacy in relationships, joy, profitability and lasting impact.