I speak on a variety of issues including using the latest technology for good, leadership issues, trends, developing your inner life but my major focus is on personal leadership – learning to self govern/manage your life in order to maximize your personal and professional productivity, performance, purpose, peace, and passion. I always craft the message to the audience and customize the process appropriately but in my executive coaching, leadership events and keynote presentations, some of my most requested topics are these.

I am known throughout the United States and much of the world as America’s Life Coach, reflecting my background and expertise in the area of personal coaching and leadership development. My doctoral work included intensive research on the major written works in the field as well as personal interviews with over 300 of the top leaders in the United States and internationally.

How to Be Civil in a Messed Up World

The world seems to become more and more uncivil every day. It makes me want to pull my hair out and it’s driving me crazy. What happened? What will happen if it continues? And, how we change this. When we are civil on the job, in the family and community, and in our interactions with others…..there are positive results. Being civil, which includes traits like kindness, generosity, listening, respecting, forgiving and generally utilizing your full capacity to do your work well and live your life better. When we live this way there is a ripple effect on productivity, relationships in business or personal life, and an energy that attracts opportunity, growth, and fulfillment.  Don’t doubt it.  Do it.  Be civil.

The Art of Unleashing the Masterpiece

This presentation is a reflection of my entire life. I synthesize the core principles upon which my life and core work is established. I help you understand how to define success in a full and authentic way. This is critical for your ultimate personal and professional life. My key principles serve as a life operating system to help people make a life and not just a living.

The 6 Essentials Skills to turn Stress into Fulfilling Productivity

Have you ever had a bad day? Sure you have and we all do. Dr. Jenson builds out the concept that life is difficult and filled with stresses AND that this OK. The key is how to handle these stresses. Many times we become distressful (anger, hurt, worry, depression, etc.). But, with the right perspective in 6 key areas we can turn everyday stresses into power, change and growth. I teach 6 new technologies of right perspective here.

The 12 Keys to Resolving Conflicts and Turning them into Collaboration

This 12-step program for conflict resolution has been utilized by Fortune 400 Companies, some of the largest international marketing organizations and non-profits in over 20 countries of the world. Here you learn how to deal with conflict directly and specifically. These 12 steps provide a common language that is quite life transforming and captapults the organization in developing team unity and maximum productivity.

The 6 Secrets to Building High Performance Teams

George Bernard Shaw says, “in the right key you can say anything, in the wrong key nothing; the only delicate part of life is establishing the key.” I lay out 5 key skills for build team unity. These are gimmicks or tricks but bedrock competencies that can be learned. They include learning how to build up others, establishing rapport, resolving conflicts and trusting one another.

The 3 Essentials for Becoming a World Class Professional

What make a professional and a leader great? Is his/her role, title, background or something else. Research shows that the most effective professionals are strong in three essential areas – their competencies, their chemistry and connectedness with other people and their character (the inner life and living from the inside out). In this session I will unpack these and show you how to become a world class professional.

How to Leverage Your Leadership Legacy

Someone has said that “if you have a big enough why for living you can handle any how.” So, what is your why? You need to have a compelling mission that drives you. This should include your professional life but go beyond this. It should involve every part of your life. In this session I will coach you on how to build your mission, become a mission driven person and in the process help change your world.

The 4 Steps to work-life Integration

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control. Well, most of do. Here’s the secret. Learn the art of scheduling your priorities NOT prioritizing your schedule. Most of us begin the week by simply organizing all those things our associates at work, our family and even our habits (good and bad) dictate. Instead, you need to take control of this by clearly articulating your priorities and then scheduling them. In this session I’ll show you how to do this and get your life back in control.

The 10 Cores Skills for Becoming a World Class Leader

I address the 10 qualities of mentoring and share the critical competencies needed to become a leader/coach, whether it is in business or in family life. These qualities needed for every personality type provide the best model of principle centered leadership I’ve ever found!

Developing Authentic Leaders

This presentation focuses on how to build and coach authentic leaders who live a principle centered life and replicate core character and behavior traits in the lives of their team and organization.

Creating a Common Vision around a Common Good

This presentation focuses on helping you and your team (s) gain a common vision for the future or your organization rooted in common principles of goodness. Socrates once said, “you’ll never know a line is crooked unless you have a straight one to put next to it.” Well, we’ve lost most of our straight lines today. And given our dysfunctional cultures we desperately need the kind of productivity and power that flows from a common vison and a common good.