• Ron Jenson

Don’t Be Driven By FOMO

(Fear Of Missing Out)

Hi friends! Ron today from Cortona, Italy! I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about what we’ve been experiencing. My wife and I and another couple have just come from Rome where we spent five days seeing all the great sights, running around and getting on buses, and walking a great deal. We were exhausted when we got to Cortona via train. It’s a beautiful hill city, a very peaceful, beautiful place.

We tried to rent a car but just couldn’t get there in time. That was a bummer. We were going to look around the area. But then we got up to Cortona and stopped at our beautiful little hotel, Hotel Luca. it’s just a beautiful view and it’s so restful, and so we’re spending a couple of days here. And we’re able to rest. What grabbed our attention was the need that ‘we have to rest’ after running so hard, and we didn’t know it.


And that makes me think of what we call FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out. That drives us a lot of times. We do things. We join classes. We take courses. We go on trips. Yet we still have this Fear Of Missing Out on something. A lot of times FOMO makes us run from one thing to another to another.

So the thought I want you to think about today is — When you’re dealing with the issues of life, don’t be controlled by the Fear Of Missing Out.

Learn to Be Efficient and Effective

We have so many great opportunities. Peter Drucker said we need to learn to be efficient and effective.

Efficient means doing things rightly. That’s doing things decently and in order.

Effective means doing the right things. It’s seizing the opportunity. It’s having a sense of perspective.

Whenever you travel or you’re working, you want to do things well, with excellence. But you also want to do the right things. That means you’ve got to stop. You need to rest, like we’re doing here in this beautiful little restful place, where we’re not running from one spot to another.

We’re just enjoying the process — smelling the roses, enjoying the birds flying around. And, oh, the view! We’re being leisurely. We didn’t plan it that way, but fell into it fortunately and we’re so glad we did! We’re renewing our batteries and that’s what you need to do.

So take time to be effective.

  • So you can do the right things.

  • So you have capacity internally.

  • So you are rested mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

  • Get space in your life.

Then do things efficiently.

  • So you can do things rightly.

  • You can do things decently in order.

  • You can do things with excellence.

  • You’ve got to have capacity to get there.

So don’t live by the Fear Of Missing Out. Stop and smell the roses. Seize the day. Live in the moment. So you can be efficient and effective.

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