• Ron Jenson

Step 1 – Embrace And Resolve Conflict

So when you’re involved in a conflict how do you respond? Do you practice flight, or fight? 

These are the two extremes I see—fight, that involves yelling, being angry, being upset, being verbally abusive and sometimes even being physically abusive or emotionally and mentally even spiritually abusive. That’s very unhealthy. But there’s another extreme that’s just as unhealthy. Flight—those are people who say, hey I don’t want anything to do with conflict, I hate conflict so I’m going to run away from it. I’m going to not deal with it the right way. I’m going to react to it not respond to it. I’m going to bury myself. I’m going to anesthetize myself with some drugs or alcohol or entertainment or just quietness. I’m just going to do something to get away from the conflict.

Here’s what I want you to know: both of those are unhealthy responses, and I want to show you how to respond rightly. But I do want you know this, conflict isn’t bad. Conflict is simply a reality of life. Conflict is just two people disagreeing. There’s a difference of opinion that can be freighted with emotion and reaction and all sorts of hurt. Conflict isn’t bad; in fact, you’re going to have a lot of conflict in your life. So become a pro and learn not to practice fight, not to practice flight. Learn to deal with it the right way.

Step number one is learn to embrace and resolve conflict. Embrace it, don’t run away from it, and then resolve it, but resolve it the right way.

Please share your comments, questions and insights below. Finally, if this is helpful for you, please pass it on to your friends and family via email or social media.

I’m looking forward to our journey together as you become a pro at resolving conflicts and maintaining harmonious and close relationships.

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