• Ron Jenson

Step 8 – Attack The Problem, NOT The Person

“It’s your fault!” “You drive me crazy!” “You’re always doing these kinds of things!” “You’re really the core of the problem!”  

Have you ever heard that or said it to someone else? I want you to notice the common word in these statements: the word “YOU.” And I want to talk about this concept, step number 8 in conflict resolution. That is to Learn to Attack the Problem, Not the Person. 

When people feel attacked, when you and I feel attacked, we want to run. We want to get away from the situation. Or we’ll react and get defensive or argumentative in the relationship. And that’s not a helpful thing to do. You don’t want to attack the person. You want to attack the problem.

Objectify the Problem

It’s not, “You’re a bad person.” It’s, “Here’s a bad situation that we need to address.”

DON’T use ‘YOU’ statements. Use ‘I’ statements.

Don’t say, “You’re a liar.” Say, “I feel like what you told me wasn’t quite true or fully accurate.”

Be deferential.

  • Don’t step away.

  • Don’t push people into a corner.

  • Don’t try to shame people.

Remember, speak the truth with kindness and love, but be forthright.

You’re trying to resolve conflict.

So speak the truth with kindness by attacking the problem not the person.

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