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The 3 Secrets to Becoming A Wise Person

Written by America's Life Coach, Dr. Ron Jenson

Hi! Ron today from Germany, specifically Augsburg, and I'm standing on some train tracks in the fall. Beautiful colors in the background. I couldn't pass by these train tracks without saying something because they remind me of one of my favorite quotes from Socrates. He said, “You'll never know a line is crooked unless you have a straight line to put next to it.”

The point is our life needs straight lines. A lot of times those straight lines are two parallel lines like these train tracks, signalling two approaches to a problem. I want you to imagine a train saying, “Hey, you know what? I love moving fast as I can right now, but if I could just get off these tracks I could go faster! I could jump out in that field or over a river! I'm tired of being here! I'm going to go in a different direction. I'm tired of having to come alongside and be equidistant and straight with these guys.”

Well, that's not what we need in our lives. We need straight lines, parallel lines to guide us. So much of life is like that. Think about it. The way you deal with conflict, for instance. You speak the truth, but you do it with respect and love. So wisdom comes from having two parallel thoughts that are constantly in tension. Always be truthful—don’t be a coward and run away from the circumstance—and always do it in love.

So always be respectful and loving to people. Those parallel lines will not allow you to hide from the situation, and will “allow” you to not be abusive. That's how we resolve conflict, the way we live our life.

We try to do things decently and in order and we try to be efficient. We schedule our priorities. I teach that all the time. But at the same time there is a “parallel train track” and that is the principle of buying up the opportunity. We live in the moment. For instance, right now I'm doing this video. I didn't plan it or think of the content. Instead, I saw these tracks and it reminded me of living our lives with wisdom, running our lives like a train on parallel tracks, and having straight lines in our life. And that was serendipitous. Serendipity is when you are going in one direction and find something very interesting and run into it.

My wife and I've had wonderful times during the last 24 hours just meeting people, taking off and driving around this part of Bavaria in southern Germany and we're having a great time. We didn't plan it. We planned on being here, but we didn't plan everywhere we'd go. hat's the way life should be. Live in the moment but do things decently and in order.

The bottom line is to remember that a good life is like train tracks. You need to have parallel, often conflicting, principles under tension that keep you from going to extremes, keep you well balanced and well-focused and help you to become an authentically successful person.

Hey, this is Ron signing off from Augsburg, Germany on some train tracks, talking to you today about the importance of wisdom in your life.

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