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The Secret To Turning Your Life Into A Living Masterpiece

Hi friends! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in late May, in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I’m sitting here at a little outdoor restaurant for a few moments. You’ll see over my head this beautiful dome. This is the tower that’s part of the Duomo in the center, the heart of Florence. And as I’m sitting here, I’m about to say you know Florence is a beautiful City and it was really the heart, In fact this area I’m in right now is really the heart and beginning of the Renaissance.

The Renaissance is that period of history between about the 14th century and the 17th century when people re-discovered some of the old classic Greek thoughts. The Renaissance leaders were influenced especially by such Greek thinkers as Protagoras who said: “Man is the end, or the measure, of all things.” Man is the center of existence, basically.

There are some good elements and some not so good elements about the Renaissance. Great art came out of the Renaissance. We’re not far from where the David was made by Michelangelo. Some of my friends are looking at that right now. And there’s so much beautiful Renaissance art and science and great advances during that time. Philosophy and humanism and other grew and saw again the value of human life. There were really positive elements to this but there were also some incredibly negative elements to all of all the Renaissance.

The reality is the Renaissance helped people realize that individuals were of great value, that there was beauty all around us, that we had minds and we could change our worlds and that. We had to understand the power of the individual well not by all that by the way. In fact, I believe that we’re all created to be a masterpiece — to be a work of art. So whenever you’re looking at a beautiful tapestry or beautiful work of art, beautiful sculpture or listen to a wonderful symphony or a beautiful music or see something just in creation is beautiful.

Remember that your individual lives are intended to be a work of art. It’s tended to be a masterpiece and I believe you ought to be growing every area of your life. I call it the Seven F’s – your Faith, your inner life. Your Fitness, your mental and emotional and physical. Your Family, your Friends, your Finances, your Firm – that’s really your work your profession and then Fun or recreation. Whenever I work with my clients that I coach or speak at leadership events or larger conventions up I’ll talk about these Seven F’s in English. And help people to understand that they need to be intentional about building their life to become a work of art in all vital areas of life.

So you need to realize that your life holistically entirely is meant to be a complete fulfilling life, an abundant life in all seven of those areas. Not just one, in all seven. But at the same time, it’s meant to be a life of contribution, of giving back and making a difference, of leaving a lasting legacy like so many of the great works of art and science and philosophy. And thinking that came out of the Renaissance were they have incredible lasting impact even to this day and will forever and ever. And that’s the way your life’s supposed to be.

So if you’re thinking about your life today, I want you to realize that someday you’re going to die. As the Renaissance itself actually ceased in a formal sense. But the works of your life as the works of the Renaissance including this beautiful building behind us will live on. And they can live on in a very powerful way.

So I don’t want you to think of yourself simply as being a drop of water that’s dropped into a pond. And then is gone. It just meshed into the rest of the pond. I want you to think of your life being a bit more like a big boulder that’s dropped into a placid lake or pool and it keeps rippling and rippling and rippling with impact on. Your family, your friends, the people around you or your influence and realize that you were created for that purpose. To have a lasting impact, again the way the works of art in the building behind me have had a lasting enduring positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. So remember you were created for a purpose, you were created to be a masterpiece. Keep this visual in mind as you think about your life in the days to come and that your life become a living masterpiece that has positive results on those around you. The days to come in your life and beyond your life.

Signing off a beautiful Florence.

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