• Ron Jenson

What Is At The Heart Of A Strong Team?

Whether at work or at home our team matters? Those around us can make or break us. And, critical to a great team is being on the same page and even more fundamentally experiencing team UNITY.

George Bernard Shaw said it this way, “in the right key you can say anything, in the wrong key nothing; the only delicate part of life is establishing the key.”

Isn’t that true? When you are unresolved conflicts with those around you can say much that is significant and you certainly aren’t performing well.

So get intentional in building team UNITY. Here is my model. It’s built on the acrostic  UNITY.

  1. Uplift one another. Focus on building people up, not tearing them down.

  2. Need one another. Don’t be overly dependent or independent but be interdependent. You need others and others need you.

  3. Intimately relate to one another. First seek to understand and then seek to be understood. So, listen and work to empathize. Then communicate honestly and respectfully.

  4. Trust one another. You need to practice believing the best. Give people some freedom to fail and don’t jump to negative conclusions! Let your first response be to assume the best.

  5. Yield to one another. Practice some humility. Be the first to say “I was wrong.” Don’t always demand your way.

These 5 principles have been the paradigm I’ve sought to live out in my home, business and civic life for years. How about you? What has helped you build strong teams!!

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