“I am most impressed with the leadership principles of Ron Jenson.  These are foundational in personal growth and in the success which companies and countries experience.  My knowledge of him gives me great confidence that he will be successful in his worldwide ventures to help families and organizations rebuild a desperately needed solid infrastructure.”

Former Chairman and CEO,

Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation

David Hentschel

“Ron has provided a refreshingly wise and workable prescription for helping us in all facets of life. Ron has truly delivered tools with which we can craft a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”

Former US Senator, S. Carolina

Former President, American Red Cross

Elizabeth Dole

“Dr. Jenson has written a blockbuster of wisdom profoundly needed today.  I have known Ron personally for twenty-two years.  He exemplifies the principles espoused in his book.”

Former Senior National Sales Director

PRIMERICA Financial Services, a member of Travelers Group

Robert O. Safford Sr.

“Dr. Ron Jenson’s approach to leadership is what companies are really needing this book needs to be on every manager’s desk. I have seen him with top worldwide business leaders and what he has written really works and helps people win big. Very Big.”

Best Selling Author, The One Minute Manager, Speaker

Dr. Ken Blanchard

“Ron’s proven approach to leadership training makes the reality of a fulfilling and successful life available to everyone. He presents these timeless principles professionally, yet practically in a down to earth way that is easy to understand and put into practice. His message is greatly needed throughout our world today.”

Chairman, Interstate Batteries

Norm Miller

“Ron is a ‘lifestyle coach’ for me in my business and personal life. The message and teaching he shares is now in book form, giving many others the chance to grow from his leadership as well. Achieving Authentic Success will undoubtedly serve as a “handbook” for anyone who wants direction in getting their priorities straight.“

Rolf Benirschke


“As many of us make the transition from success to significance, we can find useful guidance in Ron Jenson’s ten practical and highly actionable skills. Ron communicates with clarity, enthusiasm and depth of understanding.”

Former Chairman of the Board, Buford Television, Inc.,

Author, Halftime

Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance

Bob Buford

“I feel that Ron’s personal leadership training is not only timely for me at this point in my career, but for our entire organization and the nation as a whole. The life skills and action steps he is presenting will help everyone build an outstanding foundation for a truly successful life.“

Chairman of the Executive Committee, Provident Companies

Hugh Maclellan, Jr.

"Ron’s principles provide specific inspirational direction for those who seek to win in all areas of life.  Informative and practical, his speaking is loaded with common sense and the realistic side of inspiration.  GOOD stuff!”

Former Chairman, The Zig Ziglar Corporation

Zig Ziglar

“Ron Jenson has taken very practical, individual skills and shown how they are foundational to building authentically successful, effective lives. His coaching really challenged me in many areas of my life. I am recommending him widely.”

Chief Operating Officer/General Manager,

Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association

Pat Williams

“Dr. Jenson’s work is extremely timely and relevant in our age of cardinal social and political transformations. We need to change with the times too, but we should also focus on the roots, stick to our principles and refine them unceasingly. His teaching communicates the truth directly to the human soul. It makes me think of life’s real meaning; of what I can and should change in myself, and how. You have provided a benchmark from which I can think further to find solutions to dilemmas facing every one of us daily. I would recommend his speaking and his book Achieving Authentic Success with the utmost warmth to anyone striving to lead a meaningful life. Every library, college, business person and leader should have a copy.“

Dean of the Graduate School of Business for Servicemen

International University, Moscow, Russia

Nicolai S. Stolyarov, Major General

“You reminded me how important it is to keep our priorities straight and to actively plan for a balanced life.  It was easy to see how “success” often leads us away from that objective–to our detriment.  You stimulated me to reevaluate my priorities and be more conscious of my daily decisions.”

Former General Counsel US Air Force,

Former Assistant Secretary for Environment

Mary L. Walker

“Ron Jenson’s book, Achieving Authentic Success is one of the most important books written in many years.  It gives you a series of practical, powerful steps that you can follow to become a far more effective person on the inside, and a far greater success on the outside.  Every success-oriented person in America should read and re-read this book and apply its practical ideas to every part of life.”

Brian Tracy Learning Systems,

Author and Speaker

Brian Tracy

“I subscribe to the Ron’s growth model in my life and I am sure that everyone who learns this will want to find practical ways to design this model into their own future.  As busy as I am traveling around the world, there are only a few select books that make it into my “must read” list. This is definitely one of them!”

Partner, LEAP

Former Vice Chairmna, EchoStar International

Scott Zimmer

“MacGregor Burns, in his book on leadership, writes that the genius of leadership lies in the manner in which leaders see and act on their own and their follower’s values and motivations. This is what makes the difference today and what has always made the difference…. leadership! Ron Jenson has written a thoughtful and insightful narrative that accesses the heart of true leadership.  This work is for anyone who has ever had the desire to or is today, taking the lead.”

Chairman and CEO, Sona MedSpa

Chairman Emeritus, Mail Boxes Etc./ The UPS Store

James H. Amos Jr.