Great athletes and performers have a coach! Why? They understand the need to keep growing, become the best in their field, have accountability and continue to press on to greater excellence in their field.


Are you any different? You may well be a pro in your field but how about your personal life – family, friends, fitness, faith, future focus, and fun? You learn how to intentionally get balanced in these areas and maximize your life in these sessions. Also, you’ll get …


  • Personal coaching time with me, known by many as America’s Life Coach.


  • Completion and implementation of a personal life action plan providing life long, intentional direction.


  • Self-awareness and targeted growth through a proprietary behavior and character assessment.

  • Development of a Life*Time Operating System through an understanding of the MAXIMIZERS principles.


  • A pathway to move from success to significance.

  • A strategy for creating and sustaining life balance and impact around the 8 critical areas of life.


  • Awareness of mechanisms and vehicles to bring healthy principles into your spheres of influence (family, community, non-profits and business).